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Set up Sell Ship
Set up Sell Ship
Register and list your products for free. Shoppers find and buy your product. We process payments and take a 5% sales commission. You create a shipping label and send the product to the customer.

Why sell on kojava?

It's selling made easy:
It takes minutes to set up your store and begin listing products.

100% risk free:
No set up fees, monthly fees or contracts to enter. Establishing your store costs nothing to set up or maintain.

We are here for you and your customer:
Our goal is to make each vendor and customer happy.

Instant exposure:
We are eager to help promote your brand and sell your products. The more we market kojava and our vendors’ products the more sales we can deliver to you.

Personalized shop:
We give you the space to share information about your company and of course your products.

Community of coffee connoisseurs:
Connect with and support other micro roasters and consumers who are passionate about a great cup of coffee.

Straightforward e-commerce:
Let kojavas' e-commerce platform process all your transactions. This is worry free e-commerce at its best.

Connection to the customer:
By selling direct to the consumer you can encourage reviews and discussions on every product you sell, getting direct feedback from your customers.

Simple fee structure:
We process payments and take a 5% sales commission. That’s it. As an added bonus we also send you $5 per invoice to help cover your shipping costs. For example, sell an item for $10 on kojava and receive $9.50 plus $5 for a total of $14.50.

SEO friendly web site:
Piggyback on kojavas’ SEO friendly web site and gain additional online exposure for your brand through our site and let us Tweet and Facebook about your brand to our fans and followers.

Generate more sales:
Partner with kojava and let us create additional opportunities to generate more revenue for you.

Where do I sign up?

Just click on "Register here" to get started.

If you already have an account, please Login here.

Vendor FAQ

How and when do I get paid?
After we aggregate the payments from purchases that customers make, we send the proceeds of your sales (minus our 5% commission) directly to your bank or PayPal account. This will occur on the 1st of every month.

How does shipping work?
Vendors receive an email from kojava with the order information. Vendors then package and ship products directly from their facilities to ensure freshness.

Who pays for shipping?
kojava will send the vendor $5 per invoice to help cover some or all of your shipping costs. For example, sell an item for $10 on kojava and receive $9.50 (after our 5% commission) plus $5 for a total of $14.50. Any additional cost over $5 for shipping will be paid by the vendor. This way, kojava and our vendors can offer customers a better shopping experience by offering flat rate shipping that results in more sales and less abandoned shopping carts.

The number one reason shoppers abandon shopping carts is because shipping costs are too high. Source: Forrester Research

Are their any contracts between kojava and vendors?
No contracts of any kind are entered between kojava and vendors. If you are unhappy with your free store on kojava you may remove your items and "close" your store at any time.

Do I have to list my entire inventory on kojava ?
No. Feel free to list one or one hundred coffee items on kojava. The choice is entirely up to you. We recommend you list as many items as possible with us, thereby increasing your overall exposure on our site but if you feel comfortable listing just one or two items, that’s perfectly fine with us too.

Why does kojava take such a small commission?
Our commission is so small because our goal is to help micro roasters by giving them an online presence for their wonderful products while allowing each roaster to keep a greater piece of their online sales. More money in the pockets of micro roasters ensures a continuous supply of great coffee from independent sources.

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