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Eclipse Espresso (12 oz.)

Eclipse Espresso (12 oz.)
Hunter Bay’s classic dark roast espresso, Eclipse has a rich crema and a even palate of initial toasty flavors followed by sweet, deep caramel, intense dark chocolate, smoky aromatic highlights and a long, smooth aftertaste.

At Hunter Bay our high quality espresso blends have been developed with a respectful eye toward esteemed coffee traditions. Many dark roast espressos are heavy and dense with flavors of smoke and carbon. We manually slow-roast Eclipse to create a dark roast blend that is assertive when mixed with steamed milk, yet is rich, robust, spicy and caramelly sweet consumed straight or with a spot of sugar. Developed over several years and hundreds of cuppings and blendings, Eclipse completes Hunter Bay’s set of Italian style espresso blends that include Garden City and Montanaro. If you like a dark roast espresso, you’ll love the nuanced flavors and deep, caramel sweetness of Eclipse.

Roasting Notes:
Eclipse is manually slow-roasted to a translucent ebony brown French Roast to highlight the unique coffee-smoke aromas and spicy toasted flavors of burnt sugar and dark chocolate in the blend.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Coffee smoke with opulent burnt sugar overtones.
Acidity – Lively spice notes with hints of earthy dark chocolate.
Flavor – Assertive burnt sugar and semi-sweet chcolate tones and a soft, lightly sweet finish.
Body – Thick, syrupy and sturdy.
Aftertaste – Intense notes of nuts and spice with a long, smooth finish.
Balance – Soft and rich flavors with a smooth, extended finish.

ORIGIN: Proprietary
AROMA LEVEL: N/A – Espresso Blend
BODY: Full & Rich
BRIGHTNESS: No Brightness, Concentrated Caramelized Sugars
Price: $11.95
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