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Expedition Coffee (12 oz.)

Expedition Coffee (12 oz.)
Expedition is named for Lewis and Clark’s Corp of Discovery which passed through our part of Montana on the way west in 1805. In September of that year the Corp set up camp just a mile from the present-day site of Hunter Bay where Captain Lewis made the following journal entry:

‘we continued our route down the west side of the river about 5 miles further and encamped on a large creek . . . we called this creek Traveller’s Rest . . . a fine bould clear runing stream’

The creek Lewis called ‘Traveler’s Rest’ is presently named Lolo Creek and like much of our beautiful state of Montana, it’s still as ‘fine, bould and clear runing’ as it was that day over 200 years ago. We frequently retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark from Hunter Bay along Lolo Creek and consider it the perfect place to reflect on our rich history and to enjoy a rich cup of Expedition coffee.

100% certified organic Expedition is a blend of coffees with distinctively bright ripe fruit flavors with coffees characterized by earthier chocolate tones to create a blend of unique character—winey and full-bodied with rich flavors of wild berries and spice, a stout constitution and a very smooth aftertaste.

Roasting Notes:
We take Expedition to medium French Roast to balance the essential bright fruit highlights with the deep chocolate earth tones of the coffees in the blend. Carefully slow-roasted, these distinct elements combine into a harmonious flavor balance of ripe berry, spice, and rich, dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Full, rounded tones of ripe blueberries, with light hints of spice and cedar.
Acidity – Piquant notes of tart berries that fade quickly into fuller sweet fruit flavors.
Flavor – Blueberry and blackberry notes quickly absorbed by cocoa and cinnamon.
Body – Thick, stout and powerful with subtle fruity edges.
Aftertaste – An exceptional smooth finish anchored by lasting tones of earth and chocolate.
Balance – Fruity highlights rounded by a full, earthy body.

ORIGIN: Proprietary
AROMA LEVEL: Full & Complex
BODY: Full
BRIGHTNESS: Low; No Overt Brightness
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