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French Roast Decaf (12 oz.)

French Roast Decaf (12 oz.)
Hunter Bay’s most popular decaf, French Roast Decaf is an assertive, full-bodied coffee with rich dark roast flavor, soft fruity accents and a long, sweet, caramel finish.

Decaf coffee drinkers look for two qualities in their decaf: they want full, rich coffee flavor and they want to be certain that the decaffeinated process is healthy and natural. Hunter Bay’s French Roast Decaf is decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate Process. Although “ethyl acetate” sounds like a synthetic chemical, it is actually obtained from the natural fermentation of sugar cane or pineapple. Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination is a natural process using a liquid and steam wash from this food-grade fruit processing by-product to produce a healthy decaffeinated coffee that is flavorful and full-bodied.

Decaffeination always causes coffee to lose some flavor — both in the initial process and because decaffeinated coffee beans age rapidly. To keep Hunter Bay French Roast Decaf rich and flavorful we purchase small lots of high quality decaf beans at peak freshness. In French Roast Decaf, subtle ripe fruit flavors and exceptional sweetness is balanced with the full body of a true dark roast coffee.

Roasting Notes:
Hunter Bay French Roast Decaf is roasted to a light French Roast to maintain the unique characteristics of each coffee in the blend while still offering a classic French Roast.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Soft aromas with slight hint of fruit sweetness.
Acidity – Very soft, with ripe fruit notes.
Flavor – Caramel and brown sugar intermingled with sweet berry.
Body – Full bodied, with classic dark roast character.
Aftertaste – Lingering tones of ripe berries and caramel.
Balance – Good balance in a coffee with medium body and a pleasant finish.

ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: Soft: Fruit, Toast & Caramel
BODY: Classic Full-Bodied Dark Roast
BRIGHTNESS: No Brightness; Sweet and Caramely
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