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Garden City Coffee (12 oz.)

Garden City Coffee (12 oz.)
Nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains, our beautiful hometown of Missoula, Montana is nicknamed “The Garden City.” Because the climate here is milder than in other parts of Montana, gardening enthusiasts get a longer growing season to indulge their passion, and summertime in our town is awash in floral beauty. Local artist Kendahl Jan Jubb captures this beautifully in the watercolor of Missoula featured on the front label for Hunter Bay’s Garden City.

Garden City is an authentic very light City Roast blend developed to match the best coffees from the Western Alps region of Central Europe: Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. This is a bright, stout and richly flavored brew with a smooth, pleasant aftertaste.

We like Garden City brewed extra-strong as the Europeans do. Enjoy the complete spectrum of flavor and body by using up to double the amount of coffee you might in your usual brew. You’ll love the spicy aromas and the rich array of citrus and berry flavors in this extra-smooth, deeply rich cup.

Roasting Notes:
We take Garden City to a light chocolate brown European City Roast, then cool the beans quickly to preserve the coffee’s natural citrus acidity and enhance its berry flavor tones.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Light, piquant and lively, with hints of spice.
Acidity – Tart and citrus overtones enhance initial taste.
Flavor – Thick, rich full coffee flavors with a long, even aftertaste.
Body – Rich, thick, muscular with lively citrus and berry highlights.
Aftertaste – Dry and smooth, with full notes of dark chocolate.
Balance – Robust and muscular body with fruity highlights.

ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: High, Bright and Fruity
BODY: Full Body
BRIGHTNESS: Very Bright and Citrusy
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