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Italian Roast Coffee (12 oz.)

Italian Roast Coffee (12 oz.)
To those who love coffee roasted to an extreme deep ebony hue we offer Hunter Bay’s Italian Roast –stable in body and imbued with the rich natural sweetness of caramel and burnt sugar. Created in the rich tradition of the famous Southern Italian deep roast coffees Italian Roast is strident and assertive with sweet tobacco aromas and flavor notes of toast and bittersweet cocoa.

To paraphrase Kenneth Davids (editor of Coffee Review Magazine): it’s not how darkly you roast your coffee, it’s how you roast your coffee dark. Many dark roast coffees are scorched at best and burnt at worst. We roast Italian Roast carefully, making sure that it doesn’t scorch or burn during the final stages of roasting. The result is a coffee with classic extreme dark roast aromas and flavors, and a pleasant, lingering finish that’s smooth and even. Drink Hunter Bay’s Italian Roast black, or blend it with steamed milk in a cafe au lait. The intense flavors of this coffee stand up well to natural flavorings such as chocolate and vanilla, and we especially like it as a dessert cup mixed with a quality Irish whisky or Kentucky Bourbon and accompanied by a dark chocolate truffle.

Roasting Notes:
Italian Blend is slow-roasted to a deep ebony Italian Roast resulting in intense smoky aromas and pleasant carbony flavors with a richly sweet finish… absent the harsh scorched flavor and aftertaste that’s common in so many extreme deep roasts.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Pungent fermented fruit, tobacco and leather notes.
Acidity – Dominated by notes of toasted nuts and dry piquant highlights.
Flavor – Piquant fruit highlights passing into rounded cocoa and bourbon with a smoky punch.
Body – Medium body with concentrated palate-filling consistency.
Aftertaste – Lasting combination of concentrated flavors of burnt sugar and licorice.
Balance – Brief hints of fermented fruit offset by intense bittersweet flavors and a smoky punch.

ORIGIN: Proprietary
AROMA LEVEL: Pungent & Smoky
BODY: Heavy with Burnt Sugar
BRIGHTNESS: None but Malty & Toasty
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