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Montanaro Espresso (12 oz.)

Montanaro Espresso (12 oz.)
Montanaro is a classic medium Viennese Roast espresso with rich caramel crema, a full, sinewy body and intense flavors of brown sugar and cocoa.

We believe a good espresso should reveal the natural fruitiness and rich round coffee flavors of traditional Northern Italian style espressos. Montanaro delivers the rewards of a traditional medium espresso roast with a broad range of complex aromas and flavors, a balanced palate of citrus, smooth caramel-sugar overtones, rounded chocolate and berry highlights and a satisfying semi-sweet aftertaste. Montanaro is a perfect blend for a classic cappuccino—traditionally a mix of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third foam—and with natural flavorings such as chocolate, cinnamon, or honey, this espresso delivers palate-expanding complexity.

Montanaro is the quintessential classic espresso blend in the Northern Italian tradition.

Roasting Notes:
We manually slow-roast Montanaro to a classic European style chocolate-brown Viennese Roast, creating an espresso of stout, sinewy body with full flavors of caramelized sugar and cocoa.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Molasses and caramelized sugar with effervescent, lemony highlights.
Acidity – Slightly tangy on the tip of the tongue, with notes of tart berries.
Flavor – Smooth and sweet, assertive burnt sugar and semi-sweet chocolate overtones.
Body – Even, thick, sinewy and self-assured.
Aftertaste – Lingering flavors of Creme Brulee with a smooth, sweet cocoa finish.
Balance – Even balance of tangy highlights, full flavor and long, dry finish.

ORIGIN: Proprietary
AROMA LEVEL: N/A – Espresso Blend
BODY: Full
BRIGHTNESS: Medium Brightness with Concentrated Chocolate
Price: $11.95
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