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Red Rooster (12 oz.)

Red Rooster (12 oz.)
Red Rooster French Roast is a traditional blend of high quality coffees from the world’s principal coffee growing regions: Africa, the Americas and Indonesia. This is an aromatic coffee with hints of sweet berries and lively allspice mingled with a flavor foundation of brown sugar and caramel.

In Red Rooster French Roast the lively fruit elements of African coffees mix with the rich aroma and spiced nuttiness of South and Central American coffees and the full-bodied earth tones of Indonesian coffees. Exceptional served black, Red Rooster French Roast also mixes well with cream and sugar and is especially delicious enjoyed with a freshly baked chocolate fudge brownie.

Roasting Notes:
Red Rooster French Roast is roasted to a light French Roast in order to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of each coffee, while still offering a classic French Roast blend.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Initial floral notes followed by piquant hints of sweet berries.
Acidity – Bright tones of blackberries and spice.
Flavor – Caramel and brown sugar intermingled with sweet berry.
Body – Muscular, assertive and sturdy with bright flavor highlights.
Aftertaste – Lingering tones of toasted spice and sugar.
Balance – A unique balance of assertive flavors with lively spice and berries.

ORIGIN: Africa, Indonesia, Central America, South America
AROMA LEVEL: Round, Malty & Sugary
BODY: Full Bodied with Hint of Candied Fruit
BRIGHTNESS: No Brightness; Sweet & Malty
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