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FTO Mexico Cafe Femenino (12 oz.)

FTO Mexico Cafe Femenino (12 oz.)
REGION: El Triunfor Chiapas
VARIETAL: Bourbon + Mundo
FARM: Co-op
ALTITUDE: 900-1350M
FARMER: Various
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: All Women Farmers

Cafe Femenino Mexico is a new origin for this special project that empowers women coffee farmers by involving them in every step of the coffee production process. This coffee is grown, processed and traded exclusively by a group of women in southern Chiapas state. The women control the proceeds from the sale of their crop and are fully involved in planning for the next year. The Cafe Femenino project started in Northern Peru and it is now also available from Chiapas, Mexico. In the cup Cafe Femenino Mexico flavors are clean, mild, and light with a trace of chocolate, a hint of cherry, and a creamy aftertaste.

This coffee comes from a farm that is run by all women, many of whom are descendants of the ethnic ancient Mayan culture of Mame. There are approximately 50 women, 70% of whom act as the head of their household due to their husbands migrating to other areas in order to provide income for their families. They are responsible for taking care of their families and homes, the maintenance and upkeep of the animals and gardens on the farm, as well as, the coffee growing and production.
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